Union Roofers Trust Funds

Union Roofers Trust Funds

All hours actually worked by you for a contributing employer in excess of 750 in a Qualifying Period are kept in an “Hour Bank” account. Up to 50 hours per Qualifying Period may be banked for you.  Your Hour Bank cannot exceed 400 hours at any time.

You may use up to 100 hours in your Hour Bank to be eligible for Plan B benefits if you do not work enough hours for other coverage.  You cannot use bank hours to upgrade to Plan A or A+ coverage.

All hours in your Hour Bank will be cancelled if you do not satisfy the requirements for becoming eligible for benefits during two consecutive Qualifying Periods.

Exception: Effective May 1, 2000 if you are age 54 or older on the date eligibility is run, you may use a maximum of 200 hours from your Hour Bank to obtain Plan B coverage.

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